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The traffic and clicks you want

We make the click happen, but can also make the click convert with landing pages and conversion rate optimisation.

Pay per click agency Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne
Pay per click advertising Brisbane

Making PPC work for you

The Pay Per Click model (PPC) is a great advertising model with the right strategy and conversion optimised pages to back it up. Unlike other ad formats, with PPC your budget never goes to waste as you literally get what you pay for. In PPC advertising, you only ever pay when users click on your ad.
PPC isn't as easy as normal advertising

Why PPC isn't as easy as normal advertising

It might appear simple on the surface - only paying for ads when a user clicks on it, why wouldn't everyone use this model? Well, that's because it works on a bidding system. If you look at a search results page in Google, you'll see 2-3 "ads" at the top of the results. You're essentially bidding (in an auction) for one of these spaces. It takes a lot to win these bids, like targeting keywords, bidding strategies, ad copy and more. We can help you to master the art of PPC.

Win the bid and get
those all important clicks
that convert users into

Cover your bases with Google Ads and Bing Ads

Cover your bases with Google Ads and Bing Ads

To drive business growth, it's important to ensure your brand covers as much of the market as possible, which makes a PPC advertising strategy that combines both Google Ads & Bing advertising is an obvious solution. While both platforms at a high level are very similar, there are minor differences at a low level that can be tweaked for your campaigns to get the best results. We can easily import a successful Google Ads campaign into Bing, easily covering more of the market at very little cost.
Google Shopping agency Brisbane

Google Shopping

If you're in commerce, eCommerce especially, Google Shopping is a go-to in your PPC strategy. Google Shopping is an additional section to the search results page in Google, similar to the images or news section. Google Shopping lets searchers Google a term like "books" and then provides them with links to books directly from the online store. This means optimising your eCommerce site for Google Shopping, is a must. Google Shopping acts like a second, more global store, for your store.
Keyword research for your PPC campaign

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the heart and starting point for every pay per click campaign. It's where we work out what your target audience is searching to find your product or services. We'll cleverly group up your keywords to make the most of your PPC campaign. We'll create content around those keywords too, to help your organic rankings. We'll make sure to use both, the keywords with lots of searches, and the keywords with fewer searches. This way, we know we've covered all of our bases.
PPC agency in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne

Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne

Our PPC teams based in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne combine smart, strategic thinking with digital marketing expertise to create killer PPC campaigns. Using best-practice keyword research and targeting, bid strategy, and considered audience targeting, we tweak and fine-tune every campaign using the results of previous ones, to create campaigns that just keep on slaying those sales.

Campaigns that drive
conversions, ROI
and growth for your business

Services to accompany your PPC campaign and skyrocket your ROI

Landing pages for your ads

Landing Pages

Landing pages are your PPC campaign's best friend. Landing pages give you a higher chance of converting your visitors, which results in a higher CTR (click through rate) and a lower bounce rate, and goes without saying; a higher ROI. We've used a lot of marketing jargon there, but it's basically: you're paying for PPC clicks, so why send the clicks to your homepage and trust them to work it out? It makes sense to send them to a page directly related to the link they clicked on.
Copywriting Brisbane

Ad copywriting

Our copywriting team knows how to entice a click. We'll work with you to create clever and strategic ad copy that your target audience will love and have no other choice but to click. From title tags and meta descriptions to long-form social media captions, and even amazing copy for your website, our copywriters can help.
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