6 Digital Marketing strategies you need to know to build your brand

Published on June 7, 2021
 / Last updated on June 10, 2021

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In the world of marketing, there's a lot to do to build your brand. While it's easy to create a company, it's challenging to create a brand persona around it. With so many marketing strategies available, from social media marketing to SEO and email campaigns, digital marketing is changing every day.

However, one thing remains true: building your brand through these channels will take time, effort, and a little strategy! In this post, we'll review six strategies that you can use today to build your brand on social media and beyond with digital marketing.

What is branding and why is it so important?

Many companies may offer a similar product or service like yours. So, why would they choose you instead of the competition? The final decision usually is based on branding. It's a way to showcase your unique value proposition and compel your customers to buy your products. In fact, investing in your branding will increase company visibility by 400% or more.

Branding is the way your customers will recognize your company. It's the message, fonts, slogans, colour schemes, company name, and logo all put together. It's not just about whom you strive to be or who you are as a company. It's the way people perceive your business.

So, how exactly can you build your brand? We'll provide you with the digital strategies you need to know to ensure you're growing your brand.

1. Build a website

If you don't have an online presence, you're missing out on the most important opportunity to brand your business.

Your website is your online home, the first place that potential customers will go to learn more about you and in more cases than not, also your best sales person.

It's essential to make sure your website includes clear information about the products or services you offer, how customers can purchase them, and a simple way to contact your business. Make sure that your website is built according to your brand's logo and colours. See our recent post for tips on how to get the most out of your SEO.

2. Social media

If you're not using one of the many free social media platforms to promote your products or services, then you might be struggling with your branding efforts. Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more for marketing campaigns targeted towards building awareness about what it is precisely that you are selling. This is also a great way to connect and interact with your audience while increasing your customer engagement.

You don't need to commit to creating an online account for every social media platform available. Instead, only focus on platforms that will work with your brand.

For example, if you sell homemade crafts, you'll likely find your ideal client browsing Pinterest or Facebook and not LinkedIn or Twitter. But on the other hand, if your ideal clients are business owners or important decision makers like ours, then your ideal platform would be LinkedIn and not Instagram.

Remember that for each social media page you need to make sure your branding is consistent. That means making sure you have the same colours, logos, fonts, and writing style across your social media profiles.

3. Build an email marketing list

If you want to communicate with your readers and convert leads, you'll want to invest in your email marketing. Marketers have seen as much as a 760% increase in revenue from using email campaigns and building email lists. 

To get your potential customer's emails, you'll want to offer something of value, such as a freebie, coupon code, or discount. You can use your email list to turn potential customers into paying customers, educate your customers about new products and services, and gain valuable customer feedback.

The best way to build your email list is by using an autoresponder sequence. An Autoresponder Sequence is a series of automatically sent emails at intervals you set (daily, weekly, monthly). They do all of the mundane work for you, all you need to do is create the content and schedule it. Tools like ActiveCampaign lead your potential customers down a sales funnel, where the ultimate end goal is to take some predetermined action, such as buying a product or service.

4. Content marketing

Did you know that content marketing is a great way to ensure organic growth for your business? It's a time investment, but one worth investing in as it helps build your businesses credibility.

You can use a platform such as WordPress to build a platform for you to share your content on to provide an in-depth look at your business, share fresh content, and offer valuable information that you know your customers will find helpful about your industry, products, or other related topics.

As we mentioned in a previous post about SEO trends to follow up on in 2021, high-quality content is still king and Google loves rewarding high-quality valuable content with ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages).

Google loves ranking blog posts higher when they provide value, and include inbound and outbound links, feature relevant keywords, and are unique. Unfortunately, you can't just copy and paste information either, as Google will penalise you heavily for this. Instead, you need to post your unique take on various topics or create new topics.

Here's an episode from one of our favourite podcasts channels on how to make valuable content and do content marketing the right way.

5. Visuals add value to your stories

Customers are often not willing to read a page-long paragraph about your products or services anymore. Instead, they want content that is interesting, straight to the point, and easy to read. An easy way to share your brand story is by creating graphics, videos, or photos that demonstrate or show your product or service.

Not only is this media great to place on your website, but it creates content for you to share on your social media pages as well. Branded visual content should still follow the same consistent guidelines as your website and social media in terms of font styles, colours, language, and messaging.

6. Social reviews

Customers don't want to purchase products from a company with no reviews or social proof of their success. Therefore, your company needs to build up its credibility with good reviews.

Make sure to go above and beyond with your customers to receive a higher rating. When you do receive glowing reviews, make sure to post them everywhere for potential clients to see.

You can encourage reviews on your website by asking for feedback at the end of a purchase or project, and even go as far as to create a case study that shares how a customer has used your product or how a service you provide has changed the way their business operates.

You can use this case study to promote your brand through social media. A case study quite often creates a relatable experience for some of your customers. Customers who can relate to a brand, product or service are much more likely to purchase it.


While we've only named a few tips above, there are many different ways in which you can grow your business and build a brand with digital marketing strategies. As technology develops, digital marketing will continue to be an ongoing process to find the most innovative solutions to grow your market reach.

If you're looking for a digital partner to help promote your business, create marketing strategies and grow your customer engagement, Convoke is the perfect fit. Whether it's SEO services or social media campaigns that need attention, we are here to provide the most cutting-edge tech solutions that will propel you to success. Contact us today and let our team of experts be your digital growth catalyst!

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