React & React Native

‘Powerful web applications and mobile apps using React and React Native‘
React is a modern, pioneering JavaScript library. We use React for developing advanced user interfaces for both web (React) and mobile (React Native).
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A complete framework for your digital

At Convoke Digital, we develop advanced web applications and mobile apps for a variety of platforms. Thanks to React, one of the most progressive libraries in the market, we no longer have to do that separately for every platform – web browsers, iOS, Android. Instead, we develop user-friendly, fast and efficient native applications that perform superbly.

Why React?

Using React lets us develop apps from a single JavaScript codebase and roll them out on different platforms That saves us a lot of development time.
Worldwide support
React is one of the most popular open-source projects today. It is supported by a large global community of developers. As a result, React is superbly well maintained and the software is progressing in leaps and bounds.
Scalable code base
React works with reusable components (pieces of code) that operate independently. As a result, adapting and expanding React is straightforward. Changes made in one place don’t necessarily affect other places.
It doesn’t matter how complex your application is – React is set up so efficiently that your app will be lightning-fast no matter how much data has to be displayed.
The use of components and the standardized structure means that applications built in React are easy to maintain and extend.
React unifies your online presence. Allowing you to directly transport your website into a mobile-ready application.

Convoke + React = ❤️

We love React here at Convoke. React lets us create beautiful performant mobile applications with ease. It let' us develop for both iOS and Android at the same time which means more money saved in the clients pocket!

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