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SEO Optimisation

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SEO Optimisation for more sales
At Convoke Digital, we understand that successful and sustainable SEO campaigns require technical expertise and engaging sharable content. We utilise our knowledge to create brand exposure which directly increases your brand authority and as such increases your organic visibility.

Organic search is no longer a stand-alone discipline but with the right knowledge, you can drastically impact your websites organic rankings in reasonable timeframes.

Brisbane SEO Agency

Based in Brisbane, Convoke Digital is a reliable and knowledgeable Brisbane digital agency with a special knack for SEO. We help improve the organic visibility of your websites in search engines.

Our primary goal is not like other agencies; we not only want more organic traffic from search but also ensure you have more conversions.

Search Engine Optimisation is more than simply working out the best way to increase organic search rankings each month, it's about understanding how your customers behave, what search queries they use, what devices they use and where they are.

Increase visibility

Improve the keyword ranking and quality of the content of your website, ensuring that your website is seen by as many people as possible.

Increase organic traffic

Optimised metadata and page layouts to encourage users to click through to your website from search results, giving you a higher CTR (click through rate) and more organic traffic.

Increase conversions

The end goal for any SEO work on every website; an increased number of conversions.

Relevancy and authority

Search Engine Optimisation has gone through lots of changes over the last 10 years. Tactics and techniques that worked back then to increase organic visibility will no longer work in your favour. When looking to increase your SEO results and as a result your organic traffic, it really boils down to these 2 factors:

    1. Relevancy: how relevant (or accessible) is the domain or home page for a keyword for the target visitor
    2. Authority: how authoritative or powerful is the domain

We look at both of these factors when doing our SEO optimisation for on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO

On-page Search Engine Optimisations are changes that are directly made to the website, changes that are entirely under the control of the domain.

This includes doing the following:

  • Content & Meta data optimisation (titles, descriptions)
  • The "crawlability" of your domain (sitemaps)
  • Page speed optimisation
  • Fixing 404 errors & 301 redirects
  • URL structure
  • Website UX improvements
  • Duplicate content
  • and much more...

Content Optimisation

The other main factor to on-page SEO is the content. A large contributor to getting the organic results you want consists of research, creation, and optimisation of the content on your website. Many in the industry would argue that there is now less of a focus on keywords, with the introduction of 'Keyword not-provided' in 2011.

However, if there isn't a URL or landing page optimised for a specific or set of keywords then there is next to no chance that this will generate any organic traffic.

When we develop content for success in the long term, we look at the entire domain (like Google). Google's SEO algorithms are advanced enough to understand if a landing page is relevant to the topics/themes that are covered as part of the whole domain - so it makes no sense to post content that is not directly relevant to your industry or business.

We employ top writers that find the balance between content optimisations and valuable content; increasing the session time for each of your users.

Off-page SEO

As mentioned previously - off-page search engine optimisation is to do with the authority and trustworthiness of a domain. From a simplistic view, the authority of a domain is increased through trustworthy links to the website. However, it isn't just down to how many links you have, but instead think of if as being broken down into three core elements:
  1. The number of linking route domains to another domain
  2. The power or trust of these linking route domains to another domain
  3. How relevant these linking route domains are to our domain

Local SEO

We aim to boost your local presence on Google, which is a major driving force for bringing in local customers to your business.

Our local SEO services include the following:

    • That your NAP (name, address, and phone number) is consistent throughout your website and on any other listings on
      the internet, including Facebook, Google My Business and LinkedIn.
    • Building local links, which are mentions of or references to your business that can be found on the internet such as; Yellowpages and Foursquare.
    • Optimising your Google My Business profile to rank higher in organic search results and on Google Maps.
    • Optimise your website and content to rank higher for local keywords.
    • Embedding a Google Map on your website’s contact page, to help boost your local rankings
    • Encouraging your customers to leave user reviews on Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor and Foursquare

Local optimisations can help your business rank for competitive queries even in highly competitive cities such as Melbourne. Local SEO is effective no matter where your business is in the world so it's always worth the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions in SEO

Are keywords important for SEO?

Keywords are important because in their rawest form they are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. Just like a user browsing your website, Google does too. Google can detect the use of these keywords and educate itself when it might show your content to a user.

Keyword research is equally important as it's vital you understand what your users are searching for so that your website can be presented to them.

How much does SEO cost?

SEO can vary in price depending on who is offering the service and how in-depth they are. You may notice a very large difference between 2 companies that are seemingly offering the same SEO services. This is because companies that offer SEO services at a low cost are usually cutting corners and using "black-hat" techniques (bad SEO tactics that have a high chance of penalising you) or improper SEO strategies that just won't work in the long term.

Convoke Digital uses proper SEO strategies and proven techniques recommended by industry experts. Our prices vary based on what services you need - and that requires us to create a custom-tailored strategy to your businesses needs, so to get a proper quote for services that guarantee growth, get in touch with us.

How long does SEO take?

SEO is not at all an overnight strategy or a "set and forget" activity. Anyone who claims this is simply trying to take your money and provide no services in return.

SEO management is delicate and changes can often take weeks to show any impact. SEO is very much a process that requires patience and a bit of trial and error.

If I do SEO should I also do PPC?

That is entirely optional. Pay Per Click (PPC) is always a great strategy to add to your organic SEO strategy and will certainly help to get more customers to your website.

It won't however, increase your organic results. Google has said that paid ads do not increase organic rankings.

Can you guarantee rankings?

No person or agency can ever guarantee your rankings as it's something they don't control. There is no 100% way to ever know how a website will rank on a search engine due to its ever-evolving nature. Tactics that were good 2 years ago no longer work due to many reasons.

Some companies will even say they have a relationship with a contact at Google and can "guarantee the rankings". This is completely false and untrue, and Google itself warns against companies that make these claims.

Can you get me ranked for short-tail keywords like "plumber"?

General terms or keywords, also known as "short-tail" keywords are often much harder to rank for than long-tail keywords like "quality plumbers in Brisbane" and as such we often recommend using long-tail keywords like that.

After all, if you're a plumber in Brisbane, then ranking for "plumber" and getting traffic from Melbourne isn't going to do you any good as you can't service those customers anyway. It is more cost-effective and pragmatic to go after terms that relate to the location of your business.

Can't I just buy backlinks?

While it's true that backlinks will increase your brand authority and as a result your ranking within SERPs (Search engine result pages), it's also true that search engines like Google can and will penalise you for buying backlinks.

It is not worth the risk and much better for you and your business to just create authentic relationships with other websites and create a mutual benefit by trading backlinks on valuable content.

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