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Your digital platform is an asset, and just like any asset, you want to care for and nurture it. Let us support your digital platform to keep those customers and conversions rolling in.

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Tailored services to match your hand-crafted digital platform

Organic growth, new features or general support - we’ll design a plan that suits your business goals.

Support and maintenance Brisbane

Support and Maintenance Simplified

We work with you to craft a plan that works for your budget and digital goals. We offer monthly plans that range from search engine optimisation & conversion rate optimisation services to dedicated development hours each month for new features or website updates, and all plans include 24/7 monitoring with guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Dedicated monthly deveopment for support and maintenance plans

Dedicated Monthly Development

We understand that priorities and goals change each month. A change of priorities often requires development time to align the website with those new priorities. That is why we can set out an agreed number of monthly development hours that you can use however you want. Features, changes, bug fixes, whatever you need. These hours don't roll over, and they reset at the start of each month, so use them effectively.
Website maintenance support and maintenance

Website Maintenance

As a part of our commitment to you, we always include website maintenance with all of our website support & maintenance plans. This lets us ensure we keep your website up to date and stay on top of any potential breakages as part of that process. Keep your mind at ease knowing you're always on the latest and greatest.
Website Security

Website Security

Proper website security is a requirement to owning a website, which is why we also include website security with all of our website support & maintenance plans. We help protect your visitors' data ensuring your website is always secure with SSL certificates, and we also keep your website backed up with weekly malware scans and more.
Website Hosting Brisbane

Website Hosting

We pride ourselves on providing the best service in the industry which is why we always recommend you host your website with us. We offer affordable plans which include both website security and website maintenance as standard. With a pretty impressive guarantee of 99.9% uptime and most of our clients seeing no downtime due to our excellent system engineers. We keep your servers running smooth and keep your website online so it can do its job.
Website Support Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Website Support

Community driven websites are websites in which users drive the content. Think review websites, peer to peer selling websites, like eBay, and even online listing websites, like Airbnb. Users drive the content and you need to give them a platform worth posting that content to. It can be hard mixing UI, UX, SEO, and CRO, but it's a requirement for these platforms for a multitude of reasons: without UI and UX posting to these platforms may be a waste of time, and likewise, with SEO, they may not get their content seen. We can deliver a community-driven website with all these elements perfected so your users love using your platform.

Customer-first support
and maintenance to support
your business growth.

WordPress support and maintenance

WordPress Support and Maintenance

WordPress can be challenging to manage yourself, especially if you've had an agency create the website for you. WordPress does require a few plugins to work together to achieve the impressive results that a few WordPress websites achieve. These can range from SEO plugins to plugins that optimise your website to make it load faster which increases those all-important core web vitals to let search engines rank you higher. We would love to take on the support and maintenance for your WordPress website and keep you online.
Laravel support and maintenance

Laravel Support and Maintenance

A Laravel application requires custom support and maintenance as it is custom-tailored to your business. To keep your application online and servicing your customers, unless you have your own development team, you will need support and maintenance. We can be the technical arm of your business by letting you be a project manager and liaising with ours, to resource the team and filter priorities. Get in touch with us to see how we can tailor-fit a plan for you.
Content marketing in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

With offices in most major cities in Australia, we have developers and client managers in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne who can meet with you and tailor a support and maintenance plan to suit your businesses needs. We're dedicated to helping you stay online and continue seeing business growth through your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I use up my monthly development hours?

The monthly development hours only means it's included as part of your monthly agreement. This doesn't at all stop us from doing development that exceeds those hours.

If you have work that requires more time then what you have available as part of your agreement, then we'll let you know and get approval from you to do the work (as we will charge you our hourly rate beyond that).

Do you outsource to a third party team?

Absolutely not. All of our work is done here in Australia and never outsourced anywhere.

We pride ourselves on having hired people that share our passion and goal of supporting our clients and helping them grow, and we trust in these people to support you year on year.

What if I want to move my website host to you?

That is not a problem at all. We'll have one of our system engineers start up a new reliable server for your website and we'll migrate it from your old server to the new one.

We'll work with you to test that nothing has broken in the migration, and then help you make the changes required to send all your traffic to the new server and shut off the old one.

Can I still be on your support and maintenance plan if you didn't build my website?

Before we agree to anything - we will need access to your website so that we can be sure we have the experience needed to look after your website for you.

This not only protects us from not being able to deliver, but also keeps you resting easy knowing you have an agency who know how your website works and how to look after it.

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