Laravel Developers

‘An established PHP framework built for speed and scability to comfortably power any application or API‘

Laravel is our platform of choice for creating highly performant web applications and APIs due to its stable and scalable core. We're Brisbane's leading Laravel developer, and one of the first Laravel agencies in Australia.

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Performant and scalable web applications & APIs

A PHP framework built for big applications and fast processing times.

Laravel Developers

An experienced Laravel agency

Our team of incredibly talented and experienced Laravel developers have worked with the platform for over 15 years. By partnering with us, you're sure to get a web application that performs. We are so in love with Laravel that we regularly contribute to the platform to make it better.

Laravel is efficient


Using Laravel means we don't have to write all of the basic code ourselves. Widely-used tools and features are already in the framework which means we can spend more time perfecting the complex code and testing the platform. This saves us a lot of time on the development process, which decreases the cost for you.
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Powerful & Scalable

Laravel is known for not restricting the possibilities for you. If your project is a complex system with a wide range of functionality, Laravel will be our go-to choice. It also boasts an impressive amount of documentation and has a great community which means we can ensure the application is built to scale.
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Laravel is perfect for setting up application programming interfaces (APIs) due to its native support for integrating services and linking datasets. Security is built into the platform which provides a secure layer to the API, rejecting any unwanted visitors and avoiding data leaks.
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Secure & Support-proof

Laravel has a large community of active developers behind it and provides LTS (long-term support) builds which makes it a great option to build on top of. It's also an open-source platform, meaning any developer can contribute to the code base and make it better. An active development team and open-source community make it a secure choice. We keep your application up to date and secure against any threats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source widely used PHP framework. The platform is intended for the development of web applications and APIs by using an MVC (model, view, controller) architectural pattern which is industry standard for creating scalable applications.

Due to its open-source licence, the source code is hosted on Github.

Why use Laravel over a similar platform?

Laravel is a free established open-source framework with one of the biggest communities out of any framework. The configuration of a Laravel application is simple and its performance is very high.

One of the unique selling points of Laravel is Eloquent, the ORM (object-relational mapping) allows us to create extremely efficient database queries to store and retrieve data quickly and at a low cost.

The creator, Taylor Otwell is a very active and involved developer and currently pays 5+ developers to work full time on the framework.

Can you provide ongoing support and maintenance?

We do, and we absolutely recommend it.

We are more than happy to hand over the code and environment at project completion if you have a team to provide the ongoing support and maintenance, but if not we are more than happy and would love to continue supporting your project and watch it grow.

As part of our ongoing support, you will tell us the priorities and direction you want the project to go in, and we will handle the technical side of everything.

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