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‘An established content management system (CMS) guranteed to produce results and impress your customers‘

We're Brisbane's leading WordPress developers for a reason. We love and crave working for the platform as it's simple, elegant, and extremely easy to produce incredible organic traffic through our established SEO tactics.

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A leading WordPress development agency

Utilise the worlds most popular CMS to boost your organic traffic and increase your sales and leads.

Website Design & Development Brisbane

Experienced WordPress developers

Our team of incredibly talented WordPress developers have worked on the platform for over 20 combined years. By partnering with us, you're sure to get results that matter. A beautiful responsive design to impress, combined with perfected SEO tactics to generate organic traffic and increase sales. What's not to love?

Digital Strategy Brisbane

Marketing & Brand Websites

WordPress is the perfect choice for any marketing and brand website. Our team of experienced developers & SEO professionals love working on new marketing websites as they're a great opportunity to help brands build their digital authority. WordPress boasts an impressive plugin eco-system that makes for an easy handover or great value monthly maintenance plan.
Marketing and Campaign websites

eCommerce Solutions

We utilise WooCommerce and WordPress to create highly available performance driven eCommerce stores that capture your customers with a beautiful design and experience. Search Engine Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation ensures your eCommerce store not only gets impressive organic traffic but also a higher than average conversion rate.
Social Media Management Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Customer Portals

Customer portals allow you to provide configurable access levels to your users, which let them see different types of content. We can configure you a WordPress install with payments configured, so that you can accept payments to unlock services or content for your users. Utilising security and best practices ensure a safe and secure way to provide your customers with custom content.
Websites with UX & Design accounted for

Learning Mangement Systems (LMS)

WordPress is an excellent platform to build your learning management system on due to its customisability. This lets us tailor an LMS solution to make you and your students proud. We'll handle the design and development while you handle the content. What a great partnership.

WordPress websites hand-crafted
for your brand

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WordPress the world's most popular content management system?

WordPress is the most popular content management system due to the fact that it needs little to no coding skill, unlike other CMS systems like Drupal.

That makes WordPress a great CMS choice for us so that when the time for handover comes, we can be confident you can take what we've built and maintain it yourself.

How easy is WordPress to use and manage?

While WordPress is a sophisticated platform due to its extensive customisation options, the barrier to entry is very low.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to jump right in and create new pages, add items to your menu, or update images once we hand over your website.

We also include training documentation on how to make those changes so you can be confident you're doing the right thing and not breaking anything else.

How much does a WordPress website cost?

If the content and design has been done before development starts, then you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $3,000 for a standard well-designed, best-practice WordPress website that loads quickly, is SEO optimised and has had conversion rate optimisation done.

We will always recommend a monthly plan after handover which gives you access to a determined amount of development hours per month to spend on anything of your choosing, such as; features, new content, changes, etc. It also includes time for us to continue the SEO process to ensure you're getting impressive organic traffic for years to come.

Is WordPress good for SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a critical consideration for any successful website. WordPress has thankfully been built with SEO in mind.

In addition to the core capabilities for page naming, and URL definition there is a range of quality plugins like SEOPress that will provide a built-in dashboard on the SEO health for each page you are editing, which makes it extremely easy to design new pages and content with SEO in mind.

Convoke Digital's website is built with WordPress and we are rank 1 on Google for multiple search terms.

Can you offer support & maintenance?

Yes, we sure can!

We have multiple different plans available for maintaining your WordPress website. We offer basic maintenance such as keeping your plugins up to date, small content edits and staying on top of security. We also offer advanced plans which include; managing your SEO, weekly performance reviews and keyword suggestions to keep your organic rankings high.

All of our plans include technical support at any time via email or a phone call and include 24/7 uptime monitoring with a dedicated server technician on hand at all times of the day and night to ensure your website is always online and selling.

I've heard WordPress is easy to hack, how do you manage security and prevent that?

WordPress in its early days did have some problems with security, but times have changed and WordPress frequently releases security patches to keep ahead of malicious activity.

By following good practice here at Convoke Digital, and keeping all of your plugins and your WordPress installation updated, we have not had any issues with our clients being hacked.
Don't believe us? news.com.au is built on top of WordPress.

You'd be surprised how big a difference a simple change in the admin URL can make to avoid any hacks.

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