Ellen Munro

Search Engine Optimisation

The Client

Ellen Munro is a professional mobile hair stylist and make up artist with nearly 10 years experience specialising in nature and soft glam bridal make up and hair. She services all areas from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. She has done the hair and make up of hundreds of brides and has over 50+ five star reviews.
Ellen Munro Wedding Make Up Artist

The Mission

Founded 5 years ago, Stattin Stainless is an Australian stainless steel supplier with a shopfront in Adelaide and Australia-wide coverage provided via their online store. The two founders, Henrik Stattin and Daniel Zivkov, have decades of experience and are well known in the industry. Offering a dependable supply of quality stainless steel fittings and products across Australia, the Stattin Stainless team go above and beyond for their customers.
Ellen Munro SEO Challenge

The Challenge

Ellen Munro initially took over the ongoing development and maintenance of her website from a previous developer but over time noticed her website become slow which saw her organic traffic and conversion rate start to drop as page speed is one of the core web vitals that Google uses to rank your website. She approached us for assistance in optimising the website to increase speed and provide ongoing SEO optimisation work.


Increase in organic impressions

167 %

Increase in click through rate

47 %

Conversion increase

The Result

Ellen Munro SEO Results
We executed on-page and off-page SEO tactics for Ellen Munro to yield results in as little time as 3 weeks post-deployment. Rather than focusing on short-tail keywords (makeup Brisbane, hairstyling Brisbane) we instead focused on long-tail keywords such as (wedding make up artist Brisbane) which had much lower competition and therefore yielded quick results.

By targeting long-tail keywords, we were able to quickly build brand trust and domain authority within Google's search result pages which ended up drawing clicks away from the competition and in turn increased visibility and organic traffic to Ellen Munro's website.

Over the post-deployment period, Ellen Munro's average daily impressions went from 533 to 1094 to result in a 105% increase in organic impressions, which results in an expected increase of click through rates - going from 1% to 2.5% which although small, is a 150% increase in CTR and with our ongoing monthly conversion rate optimisation services, will continue going up.

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